The Hidden Life of the Believer

There's a part of your life with God, a part of your relationship with God, that you have that's not supposed to be shared with other people.

There's a secret life, or hidden life that we have with God -- a secret history with God, actually, where it's just us and God and it's not meant to be announced or talked about...something that is not for general knowledge, but reserved for you and your heavenly father.

It's going to be in that place that you will find strength that you need whenever you get weary. It's going to be in that place where you will find direction for the day. It'll be in that place where God will give you strategy for the future. It's the place where God simply brings revelation of his mind. Because the mind of God, the mind of Christ is your inheritance.

Once you've invited Jesus into your life, you have available to you the mind of Christ.

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